Topo Gigio

The daily adventures of a cute little mouse living as a human: TOPO GIGIO!
For this witty and heartfelt guy everything is so new that a boring school project on magnets, a trip to the zoo, a simple game in the backyard or helping a friend are all things incredibly exciting!
Gigio has faithful “partners in crime” beside him: his very best friend Zoe who always helps to make things right, Bike Bob, the perfect buddy to ride with around the city and the ‘G-Team’ (Mole, Pigeon, Bunny Twins, Turtle, Toad) ready to join him everywhere in reckless and irresistible adventures!
And, when the day is done, it’s time for a simple request: “Kiss me goodnight and… Hug me ‘til I pop!”


TV Series - 2D/3D animation


52 × 11'




Movimenti Production – Topo Gigio srl – Maria Perego


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