Tip The Mouse

In the tiny corner of a meadow there is a small house…

Here lives a tiny, whimsical yet funny mouse with his family. His name: Tip the mouse. Here take place all the fascinating adventures that each childs ends up facing while walking the extraordinary path of growing up.
The Series is based on the original character “Tip the Mouse” from the best-selling children’s book series published by Dami/Giunti.

Directed by Andrea Bozzetto and Branko Rakic, the series debuted in 2014 in Italy on Rai YoYo and is currently a part of the daily programming on DeA Junior, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.


TV Series -3D animation


104 × 7'


2014 - 2018 - 2020


m4eAg - Studio Bozzetto - Giunti Editore - Studio Campedelli - Rai Fiction